7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association


Southern Nevada

Hello and welcome!

events for the October

PLease Attend this Special Meetng as we discuss the gaming contract. It is important to be informed and prepared for the upcoming changes. We will have and extensive Q&A session, so all your questions will be answered.


Also, Discussions on the SEi Contract with John Barbot Insurance.


Finally, Chet Rielley from Payality will present another option for Payroll services.


We hope to see you at the meeting as this is for FOA members benefit as we move forward into the new Contract With SEI

New opportunities fro great deals and new products will be available if you attend our first Table - Top Trade Show held at Sierra Gold Tavern.  This will be a small more intimate setting with just a few Vendors, offering fall specials and products.


PLease join us at the show and minglel with the vendors and discuss issues with a more one-on one, feel Food and drinks will also be available


We'll See you there!