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Southern Nevada

About your FOA

Building a sense of Community

WELCOME…Southern Nevada Franchisee members to our new website! This website is to inform, educate and share information between all of us. There are current alerts, such as information that should be shared immediately. The website is user friendly and each FOA member will be able to retrieve information once they are on the website. This will be a new and exciting way for all of us to enrich our businesses and a better way to communicate. Let’s all have fun with this!! Our mission is to facilitate communication between 7-Eleven Corporation and the Franchisee community, help Franchisees resolve issues, obtain and disseminate useful information, and promote social interaction among the 7-Eleven personnel, the Vendor community and the member Franchisees. Not yet a member?



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2020 board of directors

President: Kevin Lucero


Vice President: Harpreet Brar


Treasurer: Aman Bath


Secretary: Nick Dadlani


Director: Aman Singh


Director: Harry Advani


Director: Harjeet Dhillon


Director: Mohit Mal


Director: Joyati Bhattacharjee


Director: Nissan Koroghli


Director: Mike Azai