7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association


Southern Nevada

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The Benefits of Membership

It is the FOA's goal to represent the interests of franchisees to all parties, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information among franchisees, management, and our vendor partners.

• Association helps with support on day to day issues that may arise within 7-Eleven or your vendors.

• Special member rates with a designated agent of our FOA recommended insurance provider.

• Membership also includes membership in the National Coalition of 7-11 Franchisees.

• In depth review of all documents issued by 7-Eleven if needed for the safety of our members.

• Franchisee meetings conducted by the FOA are to bring franchisees and vendors together to give presentations on products and topics of common interest.

• We have yearly vendor trade shows held by the FOA to bringing special values to our members.

As a member of the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Southern Nevada, you will receive special benefits, including the opportunity to attend educational and informational events, like the 7-Eleven FOASN trade show, and networking and fun outings that benefit local charities, such as our annual golf tournament.

Remember once you become a member of our FOA, You are an instant member of the National Coalition.


  • Quarterly Members General Meeting
  • Monthly Board of Directors Meetings
  • Trade Show
  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Holiday Party

Communications: We will continue to be involved at all levels of communications with 7-Eleven Inc. We will continue to analyze and monitor programs, policies and important developments within our franchise system.

Our Best Benefit: And finally our intentions for creating an association, is to be of service to our members. To, "be there, when you need us." Feel free to contact the association anytime, Through our website or the LVZEE Google Group.

Events for 2022

Trade Show


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CIP And Risk Identification Reference Tool

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