Balancing the OTP Category

Will smokeless tobacco be able to capitalize on reduced-risk classification? By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor Last year, convenience store owners and operators along with other tobacco retailers were forced to empty out several slots of their smokeless tobacco racks because of a nationwide recall issued by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USST), a division

Recharging the E-Cigarette Market

Interest and speculation abound about the future of heat-not-burn products but for now rechargeable e-cigs are in high demand. Approximately one year ago, Philip Morris International (PM), parent company of Altria Group Inc., submitted a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP) application to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its heat-not-burn iQOS brand, in

RYO Holds Its Own

The fortunes of the roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco market are tied to a disarming number of factors, ranging from the overall health of the economy to cigarette taxes, age restrictions, competition from tobacco outlets and dollar stores, available shelf space and consumer migration to other tobacco products. Tim Greene, general manager and category director-tobacco for Smoker

Cigarettes Battle for Sales

Cigarette sales last year behaved exactly as analysts predicted: volumes dropped month after month and manufacturers boosted prices each month to compensate. This strategy helped minimize losses for the category. However, indications suggest the approach may be showing signs of weakening in 2018. According to IRI, cigarette sales in convenience stores fell by 0.5% for

Cigars Stay on Course

Over the past year cigars continued to help boost the other tobacco products category at convenience stores. Inexpensive two- and three-cigar packs made up less than 1% of cigar sales in 2008, but by 2015 this packaging style held 40% of the retail market share. Black & Mild and Swisher Sweets dominate the convenience store

Vaping Not Out of Flavor

Experts predict a CAGR of 23.6% for closed vaping systems by 2021. A few years ago, it seemed as if new flavors, from fruity to dessert to tropical, were being introduced every week. Nowadays, the preferred vaping product is the more diminutive pod mod. Pod mods can be either open systems in which users add