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By John Lofstock. The convenience store industry continues to grow sales at record numbers, but the stakes have never been higher as convenience store owners face competition from multiple retail channels. As competition increases across the board, savvy retailers are learning to take costs out of their operations to run lean, efficient top-quartile businesses. The

Readying for Transportation Trends

Whether it’s horse-drawn wagons, gasoline-powered cars or electrical vehicles, there’s opportunity for convenience retailers to become part of the transportation movement trending at the time. By Mark Radosevich While driving through a small town near my office in Tennessee recently, I was surprised to see an Amish horse and wagon tied to a hitching post

Cause for Concern Over Car Ownership?

By John Lofstock, Editor Industries everywhere are being shaken up by the rise of the “Membership Economy,” a business strategy that has organizations working to build long-term, formal relationships with their customers. To do this, some companies charge their members a subscription fee. Others simply charge on a per-usage basis. This brings us to the

Three Tips to Start Offering Biodiesel

By Troy Shoen, Renewable Energy Group Inc. Have you been looking for ways to increase your fuel margins? Attract more customers? Hop on the sustainability trend? Introducing biodiesel blends to your product offering could help you do all three. And here are three tips to put you in a position to start taking advantage of

Building a Strong Team Fosters Success

There are many factors in creating good managers. Trust is a key consideration. By John Matthews Retailers require good people to reach their goals and convenience stores are no exception. Surrounding yourself with talented people enables all ships to rise—the company, the employees and yourself. While developing an impressive team does not happen overnight, it’s

Technology’s Food Interface

As needs of the U.S. consumer change, modern tools are offering convenience retailers new solutions to craft better foodservice programs. By Erin Del Conte, Senior Editor As convenience stores continue to up their foodservice game, technology is offering ways to better meet crucial goals, from labor management to speed of service to food safety to

How Nametags Can Change the Game

Nametags can take your customer service level up a notch. By Tony Huppert Today, customer service matters more than ever at convenience stores, and the simple act of ensuring all employees wear nametags can help customers feel more connected. Nametags have been a point of discussion for my wife Trudy and I for years. As